UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Sheet (Unscented)

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Absorbs urine up to a week . Compatible with the Unicharm DeoToilet Cat Litter Bins.

Size: 10pcs
HKD$ 58

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The UniCharm anti-bacterial pet sheets are for use with the UniCharm litter bin. Each sheet absorbs liquid waste and can last up to a week per cat using the litter bin. Each pet sheet allows you to monitor your cat’s urinary health by reflecting different colours when in contact with liquid of different PH, and effectively controls nasty odors.

  • Each sheet absorbs the pee up to a week on normal usage
  • Reduce ammonia odor
  • Powerful deodorant microcapsules blended
  • Compatible with the Unicharm DeoToilet Cat Litter Bins
  • As the sheet surface is white, the color of the urine is easy to observe. (Urinary system diseases is one of the common diseases found on cat)
  • Made in Japan


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Product Size:

4 sheets (up to 1 month consumption)
10 sheets