Feliway - 貓隻費洛蒙舒緩減壓噴霧- 補充裝

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Feliway Refill is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure.

By mimicking the cat’s natural facial pheromones, Feliway creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment. As a result, Feliway can be used to help comfort and reassure cats while they cope with a challenging situation and help prevent or reduce the stress caused by a change in their environment. 

 Feliway Behavior Modifier Refill:

  • Has no affect on humans or other pets
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Not a drug or tranquilizer
  • Releases natural pheromones to calm pets
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