Vet Points

When you register onVetopiayou are automatically welcomed as a member of TheVetopiaClub. We have 3 tiers in our membership program:VetopiaClub,VetopiaLover andVetopiaVIP. The higher your membership tier, the moreVetpointsyou earn, meaning more discounts and savings. There are lots of different ways to earnVetPoints, including leaving a review, purchasing items, referring a friend or following us on social media.

You can earnVetpointsby making a purchase, referring a friend, leaving a product review, and more... we'll even give you a nice birthday present ofVetpointsevery year. You can redeem your points at checkout as cash, or redeem special offers and vouchers on your Reward Page.

VetPoints expire 12 months after they are earned.

VetPoints will be available to use from 30 days after purchase. VetPoints may not be transferred to other people or redeemed for cash. The redemption rate of VetPoints may vary from time to time at the discretion of Vetopia. Should items be refunded or returned, the corresponding VetPoints will be refunded from your VetPoints account.